Surprise Surprise... Another long one. I have never been known for wearing long skirts, not even knee length skirts. But for some reason, in the last couple of weeks, I have been dying for length, a not so subtle way to change up my look and add a different dimension. I bought this sheer- ish black forever21 dress ages ago, and I have deffo worn it a couple times, but I was never satisfied with how it looked. It is a little hard for me, because it is pleated, I do not have the right shoes for it, and it also has that sheer top layer and shorter under layer. So yesterday, I added a nice little crop top and a belt to make my dress over into a maxi skirt. I think I am liking this better, but it also may be because I paired it with my new favorite Steve Maddens (v specific so I do not discriminate against my other favorite shoes... all of them).
I also may have just got another beautiful maxi length skirt... stay tuned to see what I will do with it...


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