Yesterday was gloomy, and to be honest, so was I. My lovely weekend was coming to an end, and the beginning of the week was looming over me like the clouds in the sky (though, there is no beginning or end of the week in retail... retail never sleeps). I wore this to work (minus the wedges) and had to get dressed in a hurry. Like usual, I fell back on some of my favs-- patterned tights, high waisted skirt, step-up sweat shirt and my comfy practical sweater. I love when getting dressed in a flash is easy but also put together, that's what makes having fall backs nice. Deffo have to switch it up this week though.
Hopefully the weather for this week improves, cause I am not a fan of grey skies...

SHOUT OUT: I would like to thank my mom for taking my pictures! I really appreciate it. Even though she said it brings her no joy, I think she really is an artist inside. Thanks!!

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