So I was supposed to wear this whole outfit, in its entirety, with a different pink skirt I got the same day as these shoes (more about this shopping adventure soon), but like a lameo, I didn't like it when I first tried it on at home. Especially when I am shopping at H&M (with their relaxing return policy compared to the fierce Forever21) I do not generally try clothing on in the store, depending on time and clothing constraints. Unfortunately. this was one of my shopping adventures that I did not try clothing on. I was super amped about the skirt...1. because it's pink. 2. because it's not typical "Randi" length. 3. because it's pink aaand pleated. But alas, I tried it on yesterday, pre-Thanksgiving feast, and did not like it. So I resorted to my current favorite pink skirt, that apparently I can't stop wearing or thinking about...Variation...

I guess I will try on the new pink skirt one more time to see if I like it... Do you try clothes on in the stores before purchasing them?
SHOUT OUT: Thanks to my mom and sister for taking photos of me, even when they were busy doing Thanksgiving stuff! xx

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  1. And more horizontals which I think look soo good on you.


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