Who said florals are just a spring and summer thing? I intend to take most of my flowery dresses and wear them all year round by just transforming them with simple pieces for a warmer look. That is what I did with this bodycon floral, that the last time I wore it was in preparation for spring. This time though, as fall is falling heavier and heavier upon us, and thanksgiving is about to tackle us, I added a fun red skirt (I did it again, more red) and American Apparel thigh- high socks. Socks make everything warmer and give most every ensemble a different look. I am all about over the knee and thigh high socks (check out here, and here). Because I am holding on slightly to the warmer weather I wore some platform sandals I did not get to wear enough in the summer season.
 How will you make your florals transition into the cooler seasons?

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  1. I really like the thigh highs a lot. And you look soo happy in the photos. Love it.


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