So. The other day at work, after a passionate discussion of Rihanna's newest video for the song "We Found Love," I said out loud that I needed to buy a black bandanna. The timing and how I said it implied that I was getting one because she was wearing one in her hair in the video (some of this is true, but I had been wearing bandannas in my hair before I even saw the video like here and here). In my defense, the red bandanna looks pretty interesting (not in a good way) with my current hair color, and I had been wanting a black one for that very reason. Because I was picked on for biting the singer's head accessory, the next day I went to work in my own interpretation of some of the styles featured in the video.
Full on poser... I didn't mind, because what I wore was not far from my own vocabulary. Instead of rocking thigh highs and a garter belt, I went the thigh high sock route. These badboys got a lot of play in London, and will deffo come into heavier rotation once the cold weather sets in. The "chambray" shirt and the high waisted-skirt also have frequent appearances in my day to day ensembles, along with the leather jacket and Hermes scarf, yellow nails and hot pink lip. And of course, the disputed bandanna....
It's fun to play dress up, reinvent and reuse inspirations, because so much of what we see influences us even if it is subconsciously or inconspicuously. At least I put my own spin on it...

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  1. All I know is I would deffo choose you over Rihanna.


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