This is what I wore for dinner at Amanda's last week for my birthday dinner. I had no idea what to wear all day, at all. Because I was lucky enough for my boyfriend to come over before dinner to make cupcakes, time got cut short and I did not have that much time to dwell over what to wear. So I made an easy decision, and put on a quick-n-dirty nice and polished look. One of my favorite grown-up dresses that I bought from Bloomingdale's last winter time. I love the dress because it can be dressed up or down, conservative or spunky.
I got to accessorize it with a new bag given to me by my parents right after my birthday dinner. My mom has been talking about snakeskin and how she has been seeing it everywhere since she and my father went shopping in Woodbury Commons. And to my surprise, I was given this Michael Kors snakeskin bag! I was so excited... and I still am. I really appreciate the thought put into the gift. My parents recognize my interests and bought me a gift that reflects that.
I took it for its first spin on Sunday to the mall and I loved it. I love how the snakeskin is both neutral and wild, I can wear it with so many things. I am super amped to pair it with so many different ensembles. It will also look great with my favorite navy winter coat. What a great practical and impractical birthday present. A girl's dream come true...
One birthday present is just big enough to hold my amazingly awesome stupendous gift from my boyfriend... Another dream come true. He got me the Canon Rebel I have been wanting for ages, and I had no clue he was going to do that for me (we used it for this post!!!). I am a really very lucky girl.  It was a great great birthday, and I am still glowing from the great birthday week I had. I really appreciate all the thoughts and wishes...my family and my boyfriend. Thanks guys :)


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