So, I did it again. I broke the rules, I confess (hence the rockstar). But I love love love my navy blazer with my white pants. Wore this ensemble last week to work (with different shoes of course, party shoes are not meant for a 7 hour shift), because the sun was shinning and it was not a chilly day. I felt like I was heading out of winter ready for spring... which is almost the opposite. But I love these white pants.
I also love my skull studded (hmmm more... rockstar) shirt, despite my boyfriend's strange aversion to it. Maybe he doesn't like it because he doesn't know I only spent 3 GBP on it a while back when I spent most of my time shopping in London's various H&M's. I get so much use out of this tank in all seasons, because it is not too tight and can be covered up or stripped down.

Found these party shoes in the bottom of my closet. TOTALLY forgot about the amazing-ness that they are! I saw these bad boys on sale in Dorothy Perkins on Oxford Street (which one on Oxford Street, I dunno). I could not tell if I really loved them or really did not like them at all, but after trying them on, it was the former. I also managed to convince my style sensitive friend that they were totally acceptable and borderline awesome. The silver and the hot blue along with the black suede is a favorite color combo (oh... more rockstar). Despite my love for these shoes, I have had a hard time putting them with anything other than a black dress and grey blazer... but here it is...

Hey baby, I'm a rockSTAR...

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