Birthday CupCAKES...

Of course with birthdays come birthday cakes, treats... goodies, whatever you want to call them. And this year my boyfriend insisted that we make some birthday cupcakes. Which I always think is a lovely idea. We have not baked in ages it feels like, so it was good to get our hands dirty (red batter is extremely unforgiving). We stuck to the theme of red (or blue) velvet and halfed this recipe. We did not have any vanilla, so we hesitantly used almond extract instead, and it turned out better than I expected.
I always have a good time baking with Joe, but this time was a little rushed. It really felt like one of the fastest baking adventures we ever had. All the ingredients were in the bowl and the red cupcakes were in the oven before I knew it. The hardest part was deffo getting the batter in the muffin tray. I am really out of practice with that. We had red food coloring most everywhere, but they were (note the past tense) delightful little birthday treats.
xx :)


  1. As you know red velvet cupcakes are my fav!!

  2. I wish I had some right now and again later today too.


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