Sometimes, a girl just wants to be a girlie girl. For some, this is more frequent than others. I happen to fall into that category. True, a pair of jeans can be comfortable and easy, but nothing can lift my mood like a skirt. Call me a lameo, but I feel like a princess in this type of skirt (though I am of the mind that all girls are princesses... sidenote). They are just as easy to curtsy in as they are flattering. I have been wanting to wear this high-waisted gem for a while, ever since this Randi Red Craze began. I am sad to report that this very skirt may (or not) be my last piece of red clothing.
This skirt has been in my wardrobe for ages, but I don't wear it often. As lovely as I feel in a skirt like this, it is not very practical for my day to day activities at Ricky's. It's short enough and once the breeze comes, it's hard to keep some things a secret. I also have an extremely difficult time pairing it with tops and shoes. It is something about the shape and color that create this clothing debacle. Instead of the usual solid top, I paired it with a pattern, though this my friends, is a dress! I have been wanting to think of ways to wear the dress differently and this was just the trick.
 I forsee a lot more red in my future... I have a hard time breaking out my red pieces, but I want to be braver and see how I can make use of them and make them my own...

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