I was really excited to try out my new Nine West Mary Jane's that I have been wanting forever. Somehow, magically Nine West was having there friends and family sale the weekend after my birthday, and I took it upon myself to get them for meeee for my birthday. I debated for a while over which pair I should get, going back and forth between one of the suede options or one of the snakeskin choices. I, in fact, went to a store, during my great birthday shopping expedition, to try on a pair and loved the ones that they had even though they were not my first choice or even third choice. So happy I got them. Like I said about my new MK snakeskin bag, the pattern adds a little something extra, but at the same time can double for a neutral. It can go with almost everything!

I am looking forward to putting the fancy Mary Jane's with opaque tights and a party dress, or jeans and a funky blazer...or....anything!

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  1. Okay this whole outfit from head to toe is perfekto. However those shoes...omg those shoes....I started palpitating when I saw them....


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