Ok. We all know I am no rebel. Yes, sometimes my clothes cross a line.. too short, too tight...blah blah blah. This outfit is not particularly rebellious at all. But looking back at my pictures, I was hardpressed to find one photo with a genuine smile. Maybe I was grumpy, or maybe it was the change in pace. It was something....Something about the catty animal print shoes, and the accessories with a 'tude aka. my poser bracelet that has been shown much love of late that my boyfriend believes is not my style, make my simple outfit one step closer to rebellious. I am actually kind of in love with the blue in my "winter" skirt and the black coming together with my cheetah and patent leather shoes, along with the silvers and golds of my "hardcore" accessories.
The red lipstick deffo does not exude innocence either...

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