I asked my boyfriend yesterday morning... "What color should I paint my nails?" I only asked because he advised me on my last couple of color choices...yellow, blue and so on... and he is also a very good judge of these things. I gave him three color choices: Wicked (dark dark burgundy), black, and Luxedo (dark dark purple). He picked Luxedo, so here I am. I have never worn it, but I am deffo liking its mysterious nature-- it's dark and confusing, which I like.
My nail color led me to my outfit, which is not so dark, but deffo confusing. It is outside of what I like to think of as typical "Randi." This is good though. It's missing the skirt and the belt (you're welcome Wretched)...but it still has the high heels.
detail of the blazer- adorable bows
I never been big on button-up shirts, but since I saw this on the Glamouri, I thought I would give it a try. This white button up is from my "almostworkedatJohnnyRockets" days, and I'm pretty sure it hasn't been touched since. But now I can admire the crisp whiteness of the blouse, esp paired with some distressed denim and a finely tailored feminine blazer. The dichotomy though, is something I am used to. I feel like the split  happens all the time, mix of styles, adjectives, colors, textures... So it is nothing too intimidating. Even the white blouse has lost its terror, and has become more conquerable to me. We might just be seeing it again...


  1. I love everything in this post. From the blazer, shirt and jeans down to your heels. And the nail polish, I picked it out tho so I should love it.

  2. Hehee I love this outfit and I'm reading your blog as I get a pedi, guess what color I opted for last min as the lady was two secs away from putting on wicked. I swear I was holding on to luxedo and wicked and went went for the tried and true, but seeing it on you I knew I had to change it up ASAP ;)

  3. @Joe...thank you for your help w my outfit, you always make good choices. And for being so sweet
    @wretched.... Yay. Isn't it great!?! I love trying new colors


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