The cooler weather is hitting us, and so everyone is gearing up for the lower temperatures. I decided to bring in the still summer trending maxi skirt, and apply it to the autumnal season. This skirt that I bought in London at my favorite Primark, has only been worn twice. That's it. The practical black long length skirt has only seen the outdoors twice. I can't say I am always practical, but even to me that seems indecent, now that I have rediscovered the piece and figured out how I wanted to wear it. I have been looking for lower hem-lines, as midi and maxi and tea length skirts are coming in with fall, and to add a new dimension to my skirt selection. I am searching for my perfect fall skirt, but I am liking this two hit wonder in the meantime...

Notice anything else different... other than the hemline?


  1. Is it the red lipstick??

  2. DUDE.
    1. LOVE the long skirt, never seen you in a long skirt before
    2. You went the riri route. I thought we already discussed this.
    3. Good job changing it up, this is much more boho/flowy then your usual look.


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