We all know that all the Missoni for Target sold out super fast, online and in the stores, and the items were being sold on ebay hours later at triple the prices. I remember going on the Target website the day the line launched and it wasn't working, everyone was that excited. So over the weekend I was running errands with my mom and we went to Target to pick up some basics. Since I am a tights (hosiery, hose...leg accessory) fiend, I went to check out the selection, and low and behold the most amazing pair of patterned fishnets lay in front of me. I was excited by the intricate design when it finally dawned on me, that these were from the Missoni for Target collection. It was the last pair, just my size, and I was ecstatic. And it wasn't just because of the luck of my find... but these are some amazing tights!!
NOTE: I would especially like to thank my boyfriend for taking pictures for me that day. It was really refreshing to be able to interact with a real live person for a change, rather than a three legged tripod. He is very patient but also enthusiastic, which makes me appreciate it even more. Thanks <3

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  1. You are very welcome. I lovee taking pictures of youu. You are just too beautiful and funny for me to not want to take pictures. Kiss


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