This shirt was one of the new things that I bought myself for my birthday in the last couple of weeks. I do not know why, but I was instantly drawn to it. I can't say that it is the most interesting shirt, because that is false, although I do like the back (business in the front, party in the back). It's utter simplicity reeled me in along with the muted tones perfect for this fall season.
The boots are a new acquisition too (another birthday gift to myself). I also became instantly obsessed with them and was planning outfits with other purchases, along with all the goodies I already have at home. I am so excited for these guys because they are so comfy, and I am hoping to add them to my rotation of out and about shoes (not like party shoes...). Almost simple, almost practical, and just my style.
Now I am going to say, I am not crazy over how this outfit came out. I was really excited about it in my head... new shoes, new shirt, whoot whoot...but something looks a little off. Maybe my skinny jeans are a bit too skinny, or maybe it is a look that I am not quite used to. But its fun to try different things and experiment, even if you are not thrilled with the outcome. It may grow on me... what do you think?

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