Birthday Blues... :)

Yesterday was my favorite's birthday. He had a very specific birthday request, a blue velvet cake. I have made red velvet cakes before... one for valentines dayish... one for boredom, but never a bluuueee velvet cake. So making this special cake was an adventure... but deffo worth it :) xx

 We used this Paula Deen Red Velvet recipe and modified it for our blue needs (blue food coloring instead of red). So I am just going to share picture high/lowlights.
creamed butter, sugar, eggs... adding blue stuff

eep...blue? green?

We might have had a little color mishap. We bought just a little bit of blue food coloring, and found what we thought was blue at home. It turns out it was green. So the cake is a bit of a mix. The color of the cake became a topic of conversation for a while, multiple times.
I am distraught by the aquamarine tint of the cake
out of the oven...cooling
The hardest part of making a cake, is waiting for the layers to cool before frosting. Some of us are more patient than others, but it is deffo agonizing for us all. I always want to frost it right away, but then the frosting melts on the still warm cakes, and that does not always end up pretty. So, I wait... Ugh.
cream cheese and fluff frosting... mmm
1st layer
apparently I was over eager
3 layers
I had such a hard time frosting this bad boy. It was a mess. Blue and fluff every where.  I might, next time make a little extra frosting, just in case. If it's not needed, then cream cheese frosting and graham crackers go so nicely :)
frosted... time to decorate
We decided to be kind of minimalist in our decoration. I generally like to play around with different shapes and frostings, but the Birthday Boy made up his mind. Coconut and a "J" (aka a candy cane cookie cutter) of blue sprinkles.
adding the J
Finito- so cute
So. I was really excited to cut it and see the inside. But it was hard to capture a good picture during the flurry of Birthday excitement, but I am going to give you what I got. It tasted delicious, sweet, buttery and blue. I know the Birthday Boy enjoyed it. And we all ended up with blue tongues... yum.
cookie monster cake!


  1. It was soooo scrumptouss and everyone loved it. You look so sad in that one picture over the color but it came out omazingly well. Thannk youuu

  2. Um all I have to say is wow! I'm a traditionalist so the coconut was...But I looooove it! I wish I could've tasted it.

  3. I tasted it, very good. Too bad I couldn't get as much as I wanted!


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