Just One of Those Days....

I over-wear this striped shirt, this pleated skirt, but under-wear these shoes.

I went on a maaaajor quest to get these shoes while I was in London. Major. I was looking for heels with fuzzy accents. At the time everywhere and everyone had them, well so I thought. That is where I was very wrong. I decided one day to look for these ideal shoes in... Topshop, River Island, Dorothy Perkins. I even bought a pair (and returned them, unfortunately) at TkMaxx. But finally, I found the ones I wanted at a Spanish chain called Bershka. Too bad, they did not have the size I wanted at the store I was at, or any store in the city. Thankfully, they put me on some list, and called me when they got them in. Whew. I love them, but they are so hard to wear, both literally (gosh) and I find it so hard to put them along side ensembles. Now with the weather warming up, I am afraid I am running out of time to wear them. So today, was just one of those days...

This is my new Essie nail polish, "Borrowed &Blue." I have been eying it for a while now, as it is prominently displayed at work. So in the depths of my "redundancy despair," I bought it!!

one of my fav belts


  1. Where do you get those spirngy belts? I always want some and can never find 'em.

  2. many of them i got at like primark when i was in london.... but. i have seen some good ones at like pay half or maybe even forever.... xx


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