One of many hats...

"Another day, another dollar..." the expression goes. But for me these days, it's more like "Another day, another outfit... and another, and another..."

Ugh. As much as I like clothes, and shoes, and all the fun things, getting dressed is getting harder and harder with each passing day. Today's weather did not help me at all, especially after the gorgeousness that was yesterday. The gloom of the clouds and the gloom of my telemarketing job deffo made getting ready this morning an almost painful task. I do get a little tired of planning my ensembles according to the weather and around my Wellies. Don't get me wrong, I love them, and my Hunter rain boots are beautiful and practical(yuck...I hate practical shoes generally). But, today, I wanted to wear shoes that would perk me up.

Traded these...
 for these....

I remember the days when getting dressed was fun and easy (well, I should say easier, because it has always been difficult...but, in a good way).

And now, as I mentioned before, I find myself putting on many different hats in one day. That means many different outfits to match those different hats. That's a lot of work I'd say.


  1. Your hair looks cute! And where do you get such cute belts too?

  2. Oh and I HATE rainboots. Only wear them if there's pretty much a storm outside. lol They're so uncomfortable.


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