golden thrill...

So working at Ricky's has become moderately dangerous for me. First (and still is) Shatter, now its this glittery golden nail polish. I can't stop.
Mattese, Cream Dream
Recently I read a little article on refinery 29 about golden make-up and hair trends. So I decided to try some out for myself. Mostly on my nails, after I had been attracted to the Mattese Cream Dream color. I am not brave enough for the golden hair antics, but maybe one day...?

This was my first adventure...
Seche vite (top coat), Shatter, Mattese Playa de Chrome, Mattese Cream Dream

I started out with just the Playa de Chrome. I was going to call it a day. But then I was like, "What about shattering one nail on each hand?" And then it became, "Ooo and this gold." So I went a little crazy with that. But I ended up really liking it.

My second golden thrill...

Seche Vite (top coat), Mattese Cream Dream, Mattese Teal Dusk
I knew this one was going to be a little over the top. I was really excited about the contrast of the Teal Dusk and the Cream Dream. I always have too much fun.

My next golden metallic dream is of this Essie color, maybe for my interview on Tuesday....
Essie Steel-ing the Scene
You'll See...


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