This weekend my friend Mey, was playing hostess at our high school for the studio tour in Hoboken. Some of the current and past students were participating, including Mey, putting their artwork on show for Hoboken to see (more on Mey and her art to come). Mey was there to open the door and explain where things were and such so I went to visit her (the school is one block from where I live) and she took pictures for me!
I wore my lacy ladylike skirt over one of my favorite dresses (which will deffo come up this fall). This was another effort to change up how I usually wear the same pieces of clothing, to stretch the possibilities of my closet (though, shopping does this as well). The drapes of the top of the dress and the sleeves mixed with the lace of the skirt are romantic, flowing and feminine. The mix of the textures creates another level of the softness of the romance, the top smooth to the touch (silk) while the skirt has delicate intricacies. I added the belt and my favorite booties to add a little edge and modernity.
Stay tuned to see some of Mey's artwork and her personal style... be excited.

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