NOTE: This marks my 100th blog post! And what better way to celebrate than wear my new favorite pink skirt?

I am officially obsessed with this pink (though my boyfriend questions my use of pink) skirt that I bought last week on my Tuesday shopping adventure. I must say I have a whole bunch of skirts similar to this (maybe that is an exaggeration), but none of them are bright pink! I had to have it. I love the fit and the details, like the golden buttons and the inside lining. I have also seen a lot of bright pink on celebrities and in the media, with color blocking and all.This deffo makes for a winter skirt that is in for some overwear! I also broke out the JC's that I have not worn in ages (I am sorry for the neglect).
With this pink skirt, any day is a good day. I love it and now all my dreams are in pink....
What fall piece is inspiring you the most these days?

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  1. I can't believe this is your 100th post already. I remember sitting with you while you were working on the first one. You definitely picked a great outfit for the milestone, you look soo goodd.


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