My boyfriend gave me two really amazing gifts for my birthday, one I use practically everyday, and the other was a special date. He made reservations for us to go see the 9/11 Memorial at World Trade Center. It was really special to me, because the company he has been interning with is doing work on the Path Roof at WTC, and he has been talking about various projects and things he has been involved in, so I could finally see what he was talking about. It was such a thoughtful gift and I still appreciate the gesture and our time together that special Tuesday. We both felt pretty guilty about being excited to see the memorial because so many people lost relatives, friends, coworkers etc during the attacks and the site is designed and meant for celebrating and remembering the lives lost.
So not only did I study art history in undergrad, but I took several architectural history classes to feed the fire of my appreciation for architecture and the aesthetics of space. This trip to see the Memorial tickled my aesthetic fancies; the lines, colors, dynamics and materials blew me away, as well as the carefully orchestrated symbiosis of symbolism and practicality. The two reflecting pools filling the space left by the destroyed towers, were beautiful, unending and awe inspiring. We were lucky enough to see them in day light as well in the evening hours, so the lights turned on and all the names inscribed along the railing/ wall were illuminated and glowed with a haunting beauty, reminding us what was lost. The trees and green spaces gave off a sense of rejeuvanation and rebirth, which as was said on the Discovery Channel program, "Rebuilding Ground Zero," is essential to the city and the nation in remembering the past and moving forward.  The geometry of the surrounding skyline, and the growing buildings, was captivating, and the lights created a forceful reminder.
I got to see little marks that Joe made in various places when he was checking for leaks, and the fence and plywood fence, that he spent forever (patiently) explaining to me, all aspects, engineering, material, purchasing and executing. So amazing.
It was a really great experience and one of the best times I have had. Too bad our post memorial dinner was awful… 

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