Um. So. It snowed this weekend. And it was still October. That's gross. It was gross. I was in Ricky's in a Halloween costume and it was snowing outside and people were still pouring in preparing for the holiday. Snow in October. I heard it was the first time its snowed in October in over 50 years. My deck still had fresh snow and I made the first foot prints in it taking these pictures.
 A few things. I am still severely obsessed with these shoes. They were so cheap but yet still so exciting. I can't stop thinking about them or wanting to wear them. On top of it all, they are comfortable so they are taking a trip into the City with me.
 Second, it's been chilly and I've been longing for the warmth and coziness of sweaters. That's why I put on this soft poncho that I totally under-wear because it's difficult. I am still working on ways to better integrate it into my everyday wardrobe.
And lastly, I was tidying my room and decided I really don't wear this "leather" skirt enough. It is short making it harder to wear, but so fun for the cooler seasons. This has a range of different textures and feels, from the sweater knit to the smoothness of the "leather." It's a hodge podge of desires, impracticality and weather wants.
SHOUT OUT: I would like to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my big little sister. I hope you have a really great day sissie! Live it up. Miss you!!! xx

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