Practical Magic....

What's a girl to do with work during the day... and a dinner during the night?


I have been in love with this striped shirt forever. It is over-warn and over-used because it is one of my favorites and so darn practical (even though practical is not always in my clothing vocabulary). My red mini, on the other hand, is far from practical. I did ask my sister if it was offensive to wear a red skirt with my current hair color. Not sure she answered the question. My skirt is also another faves of mine. One of my besties also likes it, and declared that I should have gotten it in every color, including another in red.... that didn't happen, but I have it in black too!

For my daytime look and my 6 hour shift, I chose to wear my trusty converses (that I tend to forget about until recently). Along with an early college staple, my half-jean jacket. I still love it, and still get a lot of use out of it.

My casual dinner ensemble upped the ante by adding some tan heels, which I have not worn in ages, but remember when I got them, and my white (still forbidden?) blazer. I changed up the hair and the make-up to make it more suitable for night.

And BAM... transformation complete.

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