Breakin 'em in...

The best way to break in a new pair of shoes, especially those of the high heeled variety, is to do something utterly ridiculous in them. Like going to the grocery store, or picking up dry cleaning, or even walking to the dentist.
this is my "I really hate tripods" face....
Yesterday, my method of choice was heading down town (my town, Hoboken) the 12ish short blocks to the dentist. What a treat...

The weather was just right, and apparently so was the fit of my shoe (basically). I bought them even though they were a smidge too big, but I could not pass up the deal even on my shopping binge.

My second time through one of the parks here, a lady asked if my shoes hurt, and I replied simply "No." And they truly do not. I saw her on my way out looking skeptically at my feet, but I took it as a compliment (she was wearing atrocious slippers... like legit slippers, like the ones you wear in your house, if you are above 85). Eep...
I was wearing on of my fav lazy boy tees from Urban Outfitters, oversized blazer, and jeans (gasp). To be honest, I felt like I was breaking in the jeans more than the shoes. Also my fav little bag, that once had a chain strap that broke (disappeared?) from initial cheapness and abuse.

The start to a lovely day...


  1. Where did you get those shoes? I must have them, lol.

  2. btw they actually look quite comfortable

  3. the shoes are from charlotte rousse... cheapaaayyy

  4. Ms. Randi I must say that you are quite the fashionista! I'm loving your daily commentary! Keep it up sistah! also...cousin reunion/skype soon? I think so
    love Bennett

  5. Since I know we share a great love for JC I suggest you look at the new collection on sole struck and nasty gal. there are a few choice pieces I think you would appreciate, i.e. the foxy and lita with the flag print, 4th of july outfit much? Also they have some beautiful new flats that one could possibly chose over heels. I just got their suede oxfords with little lace like design cut outs, supper comfy, Also I'm jonesing over their ivory colored kelly flats designed similar to oxfords. I think you would mucho like-y <3


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