Is It Time...?

So. There are these rules that some people follow about white colored clothing. I am aware of these rules, but not the exact scripture. The details include some holidays that I get mixed up, so I never really know. I am of the understanding, that these rules are becoming forgotten and obsolete. But after chatting with my cousin, I learned that the rule is as follows: "You're not supposed to wear white after Labor Day and before Memorial Day. That includes shoes, pants, skirts, belts." He also confirmed, that they are becoming more and more obsolete and "you can really wear white whenever." Whew...
I really wanted to try out wearing my white jeans that I bought ages ago. I had been dreaming of them since the weather turned warmer and the sun had been shining. I had a lunch date :) on Friday, and I thought it was the perfect day to put them to use. 
I tried to tone the white pants down with a grey over-sized shirt and black accessories, rather than making the whole ensemble glimmer with summerness. I wasn't ready to push the boundaries too far with a summery or colorful top, but easing into wearing prominent white apparel. 

We will see how I wear these badboys next time... if there is a next time...

When do you think it is appropriate to sport white garments?


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  1. rules...you know where I stand


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