Hi Ho, off to work we go...

This is a Ricky's work outfit apparently. It is a little over the top, from the tights to the mini pelham skirt, to the lips, aaannnd the nails... well everything.

I wore different shoes to work.... but I like these in general.

Also, I am sporting one of my fav pairs of fishnets. Of course, my father decided to mention he was not a fan, but at work today I got a zillion compliments, as I always do with these badboys.
fav fishnets

I'm wearing newish lip liner too. It is made by Ricky's own Mattese Elite and the color is "Brick." I got it only because I had been trying this Stila lip and cheek thingy and it cost more than I wanted to pay. Pfft. Hate that.
I have once again turned to Shatter to brighten my day!
Shatter, Mattese cream dream, essie escapades, seche vite

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