Court Street...

It was once again date night and we decided to go out for dinner. Big Mistake. This tends to happen. We get too hungry and the list of options becomes too long.

We decided to go to a restaurant in Hoboken that my family and I have gone to many times, I just do not recall it being this bad.  The place is called Court Street, accommodating a bar and a dining room. I thought this post was going to be about amazing food and an adult atmosphere and evening, but no such thing happened. The place was loud and obnoxious (too small space with too many people). And the food was hardly worth mentioning. It is a shame when a garnish is the star of a meal (two appetizers, two mains and a desert). There was a dollop of pureed roasted beets or something of that nature to add texture and color to the plates. This small squeeze of red delight was the best part by far, beating out the rest of the meal (red snapper special and a soft-shell crab special). And coming in second best, was the almost warm calamari appetizer, while the rest fell far far far behind. It was not great. At least the company was :)
hungry angry face...
Instead this post has become a reflection of what I wore for our night out. At least the location of the restaurant served as interesting scenery for the backdrop of my pictures.

I bought this little cropped jacket from H&M close after my return to the States from my “study” abroad in London. This was the first time I wore it. Why? I don’t know. I had seen it a couple times before, but did not have the courage to buy it until it was on sale.  My sister and I went one of our usual shopping adventures, and I decided then was the time to take the plunge into something new. It was during a time when I was trying to tweak and try new things with my wardrobe, as I was preparing for my short-lived stint at the Coleman Burke Gallery in the City. I have always been drawn to short jackets and boleros, ie half hoodies from high school, so this didn’t fall far from the tree. But the pattern is more than I am used to.  I love the bold print and subdued colors. That is my kind of contradiction…

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