Gallery Get Up...

So. I went to the opening of Michael Kelly Williams's show at Canvas Paper and Stone Gallery on Friday night, and was playing the role, as some people said, of "Hostess with the mostest." Though I was just there really to help out. It was a great excuse to dress up ( like I really need one). I have always dressed up for openings, whether I was attending (trying to fit in) or helping out (trying to represent).

I have been wanting to wear this cream colored blazer from J. Crew, for a while now, ever since the sun came out. But there are rules about white colored pieces, I suppose. I am always confused about them, and care but don't care at the same time. I can't even remember the last time I wore the jacket, it has been so long. I got it when I was buying clothes for my internship at the Studio Museum in Harlem, so you know that was a long time ago.
this is my no tripod dance...yipee

The black dress, from H&M, is a staple in my "dressing up" attire. I am trying to wear it less, because it is starting to look loved, as it is. I need a replacement!

And of course, the purple not-so-new-anymore Jeffrey Campbells. Very important to me. Strangers in the subway were complimenting me on my shoes, siiigh, as they should.

On a whole, I think the night, and the outfit were a success...
my photographer was feeling artsy...only fitting.

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