Dip Below...

Once again the weather was acting temperamental and petulant the other day. Unfortunate for me, that meant I had to step away from the spring for a moment (bare legs and flowy things) and look to cooler weather items (tights- love hate relationship right now).

I got so many compliments on my skirt while I was at work. One of the head retail artist make-up ladies said, "That's a cute skirt. Well it looks good on you..." I am not sure what that means.... but I'm taking it as a positive.
It feels like I have worn this skirt like a gazillion times already, I love it so. Each time though I think i wear it with different shoes.

I hardly ever wear long sleeves, but I woke up so chilly and had work early. And this is one of the only long sleeved shirts I own. Eeep. Don't do too well with winter clothes eh?
Hopefully, the warm weather and the sunshine are coming to stay next time. I hate the back and forth! I want bare legs and wedge sandals already!

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