Floral on Edge...

So. The other day, I woke up wanting to wear something girlie and pretty. I wanted to wear something that would go with the pink sparkly glittery- ness of my newly acquired "Teenage Dream" OPI nail polish. A challenge. The day I got the new nail polish, I painted it over the color I already had on (a light grey) but have yet to take it off. Love. This is all besides the point...

When I came to my boyfriend with this desire, he suggested that I wear one of my new springy dresses. Perfect. My excitement for the advised outfit idea and sparkly nails was nearly trampled by the dull skies of the early afternoon. It was overcast. No one wants to wear a springy dress when it's overcast. So of course, I modified...

First. I added some funky fishnets (they have three lines up the back). And Also my favorite heeled combat booties (I had to specify because I do not have one favorite pair of shoes, so if they each have a specific category, they can all be my favorite). They turned out to be the perfect addition for my movie date :) after a long day at work.

Second. I added my trusty grey sweater. I remember when I bought this sweater, I didn't think I was going to get much use out of it. I don't even like sweaters all that much, and this one is longer in the front than the back, and on top of it all it has no buttons. Goodness. It was an impulse purchase in London. But, boy, was I wrong. I love wearing this bad boy.
dismayed at the weather
Also, I wore one of my favorite belts. It is prominently featured in my wardrobe!

Despite its ups and downs, it was a great day! Beginning with girlie aspirations and ending with my Favorite, fast cars and popcorn!
cheesydoodle... excited for the movies!

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