So. As we all have noticed, I have an increased interest in nail polish, especially since  my most recent employment. I learned more about nail polishes and lacquer, as well as (as lame as this sounds) techniques. I watch my Retail Artist friend at Ricky's do her thang on the example nails and her own nails, and it shows me the wild range of possibilities available. Nails are open canvases (oh yes, cliche). Another factor in my nail adventures, is an increase in time since I became redundant at my other job... more space for nail creations.

I have been experimenting with different colors and styles and shatter...

My mom pointed out, exuberantly, an article in the New York Times called "America's Got Talons." She was so excited because she knows my interest in nail art and its connection to fashion. The article revealed, through its links and the words itself, that funky, creative, and haunting nails exhibited themselves during the fashion shows for the upcoming fall season.

I can't say my style is the same as those mentioned, caviar nails ( black nails dipped in black beads for texture), minx talons (long pointy nails), or even the half moon look (mostly cause I can't do it on my own). But I am all for embellished nails...

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